No Decent Honest Politicians??

Oh Boy!!! I wrote about six days ago wondering where or if there were any decent honest politicians in this Country. I think I know the answer now.  No there are none. Well maybe one or two.  I’m unfortunately tarring all politicians with the same brush because of the more unscrupulous greedy ones that have been elected. Of course I’m referring to one in particular, (The photo in this post might have given a clue). Mike Duffy, I still refuse to call him senator. Duffy was appointed by the PM, Steven Harper as one of his conservative senators to boost the red chambers conservative majority. Since then we have been entertained (can we call this entertainment) by Duffy dodging and ducking reports for a variety of reasons. Lets start with where he lives, he’s apparently not sure, However, Islanders are very sure its not PEI. Nevertheless, the “Old Duffster” as he likes to call himself claimed some $90,000 living expenses for his Ottawa home while claiming he lived on PEI. He has actually lived in Ottawa for more than 30 years. But this was only the tip of the iceberg, The Old Duffster has been double dipping at tax payers expense. He campaigned for conservative candidates in the last election and charged them for his service. Then back in Ottawa he also claim the same expenses as Senate business. On CBC Compass this same Old Duffster looked the camera in the eye and stated that he would never knowingly do anything dishonest, he further stated that perhaps he had filled the residency forms out incorrectly. He stated he would pay back the monies until the matter was cleared up. But guess what??? he didn’t pay the money back, it was payed back with a cheque cut in the Prime Minsters office, allegedly???no one has actually seen this cheque yet?? Maybe this was the last straw for the conservative government support of this Old Fraudster, oops I mean Duffster, sorry about that slip, its hard to keep all the facts straight in this story. The Duffster is now out of the conservative party and sits in the senate as an independent, quite a come down. Really though, has this not gone far enough? is it not time for the Prime Minister to fire this fraudster once and for all. I referred early to this being the tip of the ice berg, well Duffy is the Titanic and if there is any integrity left in our government he is surely going to hit bottom very soon. If he were a decent honest person he would not be in this mess. He has little or no creditability left, possibly he might savage a modicum of his reputation by resigning immediately. I’m Disgusted
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