Philip My Taiwanese Friend

I related Philip’s speeding incident with you yesterday, it was just one of the many situations he found himself in during the time I knew him. However the most difficult and possibly the funniest situation came about in the Windsor Detroit Tunnel. Originally Philip had been a successful Taiwan businessman. He came to Canada by accident or perhaps on an impulse, maybe both. He was traveling to France from Taiwan to sign a deal with the Citroen Motor Company. He had secured a contract to become the main dealer in Taiwan Nationalist China. While he was in the air the French Government recognized Communist China and the deal collapsed. On his way home, upset and having lost a lot of his investment, Philip decided to get off the plane in Detroit and come over to Windsor Ontario. I first met him when he came into the Kmart Auto Centre looking for a job. I hired him and we became good friends, I also helped him begin the process of becoming a Landed Immigrant. Around 10 o’ clock one Saturday night I received a call from Philip, he was stuck in the Tunnel. I went down to the Canada border side to find out what the problem was. Problem was indeed the word. Philip had decided to visit Detroit that evening and headed into the tunnel in his car. When he reached the US Border the guards asked for his Canadian papers, which of course he didn’t have. They refused him entry and told him to return to the Canadian side. Philip turned his car around and headed back to Windsor only to be stopped by the Canadian Border guards who also asked for his papers? They too refused him entry into Canada, Philip was stuck in the tunnel with no Country to call his own. It took Linda and I about three or four hours and many late night phone calls before we finally got him back onto Canadian soil. We left him around three am on Sunday morning with a firm promise he didn’t try to leave the country again until he had some proof of his residency. He did finally become a landed immigrant, he left the auto centre for a job as service manager at the local British car dealership. The last time I saw him he was test driving a Rolls Royce and looking very successful.
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2 Responses to Philip My Taiwanese Friend

  1. Really fascinating. Great story.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Molly glad you enjoyed the story.

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