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The stories of fraud and mismanagement coming out of Ottawa are endless. Rarely a day passes without some comment of wrong doing by a senator, member of parliament or even a city mayor. These things usually hit the front page of newspapers and are the lead stories on televised news reports. However, If a story of a soldier trying to get some compensation for his/her wounds comes up it is usually found tucked away inside the paper or is mentioned in passing by the newscaster. We are not alone in Canada with this gross mishandling of the needs of our troops. The UK too, seems to lack any compassion or caring for returning wounded military personnel. A very good friend sent me an article that recently appeared in a UK newspaper, it reads

“Today in my newspaper an article caught my eye. ‘Maimed troops denied disability benefit’ Our government employs a company called ATOS HEALTHCARE to asses who is fit to work, mentally or physically. One story is of one of these so called assessors asking a disabled soldier who had lost his right arm and the full use of his left, if he was right or left handed”.

I’m wondering how one would qualify as an assessor in the UK. It boggles the mind trying to imagine the type of idiot who would ask such an inane question. Indeed it boggles the mind trying to determine how such an idiot could be an assessor in the first place. However maybe the answer lies within the title assessor? perhaps it should be ass — essor. The other possibility is the person appointed as the assessor was probably a MP who lost his/her seat in the last election. We would have a lot here in Canada who could qualify as ass—essors.
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