Quebec Ban Turban’s in Soccer

I understand we may always have some difficulties in adjusting to other cultures and how they dress, particularly when it comes to religious reasons or belief. Most of these differences are not hard to accept or live with. Some are a little questionable, for example, there was an issue over one culture wanting their children to wear a ceremonial dagger to school as part of their ethnic clothing. I can understand the sound reasoning of the schools when they denied this. Taking a dagger to school any school and by any culture is dangerous in today’s society. I recall several years ago the Royal Canadian Legion were upset with the wearing of turbans inside the Legion home. The rules at that time stated members must remove headdress when entering.
If I remember correctly the RCMP also had a problem with the wearing of turbans as part of the uniform. Today, I thought most people had gotten over such silly objections. Sadly I was wrong, apparently the Province of Quebec objects to Sikh’s wearing their turbans while playing in the Provincial soccer leagues. Of course the reason is simple and obvious? right????Safety. Now I have played and followed soccer all my life, and for the life of me I cannot see where the turban might be a danger. I suppose a player could unwind it and hang him/herself from the goal cross bar. I suppose one might use it to trip another player up by stringing it across the field, I understand they are quite lengthy when unwound!!!! Seriously, I can see no safety issue with a player wearing a turban and the Quebec league officials haven’t actually given the reason. They merely maintain it is for safety and in accordance with FIFA rules. I wonder how many young soccer players in Quebec will actually make it into the big leagues that play under FIFA rules. Presently we have just a handful of Canadians playing in the British Premiership league and a few more playing in Europe. For a Province to deny our youth playing sport, any sport is senseless and inane. If there is a safety question or indeed an advantage to wearing a turban please make it clear to us befuddled soccer fans. Were I to offer an objection (and I’m not) it might be a possible advantage to a player when heading the ball. The top of the turban might give a slight height advantage when jumping to head the ball????Of course one might conclude that a player with a shaved head might be faster because of less wind resistance? Did I mention this was senseless and inane???What next? Scotsmen not allowed to wear kilts when sword dancing, might be dangerous. The sword could flip up and cut the kilt or maybe something more important??Suggest they wear reinforced pants similar to lumberjacks. Come on Quebec,  smarten up and allow kids to play the beautiful game. That’s my rant for the day!!!
God Bless and keep reading.

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1 Response to Quebec Ban Turban’s in Soccer

  1. Sue Rodgers says:

    Great points as always! Shoulda read it in the first place!!

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