Man of Steel!!!Ugh!!!

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I don’t often go to the cinema anymore I suppose its partly because its hard to compete with a 44 inch TV flat screen and my own comfortable chair. However, I did go last night. My caring wife Linda took me to dinner and a movie to celebrate Fathers Day. The movie we went to see was “Man of Steel” superman remade? I have to think this rates up there with the worse movies ever made. The noise alone was deafening and ran through most of the almost three hour show. There will be no Oscars for this picture, no one had to act, no one had to speak, well maybe a few words were heard on a very limited basis through the noise.
It was crash bang thump from beginning to end. Special effects gone wild is the only way to describe this dreadful attempt at making an epic movie. It will be even longer now before I venture back into a cinema. I might mention we didn’t see it in 3D and that was a wise choice too. If I were asked to rate this out of ten I’d give it a score of one, people with hearing aids might enjoy it, they could turn of their hearing aids.
Just my Sunday morning rant.
God Bless and keep reading.

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