Happy Canada Day

Canada day
Another Great day in the History of Canada, Happy Birthday everyone. My arrival in Canada happened twice, both times on the same date and in the same month, but in different years. I first arrived at Halifax on the 18th January 1964, aboard the British submarine Alcide, we were part of NATO and stationed on the Atlantic coast for two years.
I returned to Halifax Pier 21 as a landed immigrant on the 18th January 1967. My second crossing of the North Atlantic in January via the Cunard line was noticeably more comfortable than my first aboard a submarine. I loved Canada from the first moment I set foot on her. I loved the cars, the fins, the white wall tires,( I spelt Tyres in those days) . I loved the drive in movies. I loved the food, french fries, hamburgers,hot dogs, quite a change from fish and chips, or the more up market British meal of steak egg and chips. I loved the houses all made of wood, no bricks no rows of terrace houses. Wasn’t quite so keen on the local taverns their draft beer or strange rules. Who would think of putting salt in the beer??? when I saw a salt shaker on the tavern tables I thought they must serve food. We had to sit four to a table and could only have two glasses (cost25cents)of beer in front of us at one time. However as time passed we adapted to the Canadian customs and settled down to enjoy our stay. When I returned in 1967 as a civvy I first stayed in Dartmouth and in 1969 moved to Prince Edward Island, and that is where you will find me today. I have had a great life here in Canada, not one single regret, well maybe I think I should have gone to Australia on those dreadful winter storm days. But not really, they pass and there is something special about a cosy living room on a snowy winters day. Love you great land of Canada, love Canadians and I’m proud of my citizenship. Above all, I love my beautiful Canadian wife my two beautiful girls and not forgetting our many Canadian pets, are they beautiful too?? hmm, not sure, well maybe but lets get on with this before I get in trouble!!!.  OH CANADA!!!! Happy Happy Birthday.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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