Music the Universal Language (even in the navy)

Maning the ship for the arrival of the Royal Yacht

Maning the ship for the arrival of the Royal Yacht

I was thinking of my earlier blog post about Alma Cogan and it got me to thinking. Music is indeed the universal language of the world. Anyone remember the German U Boat movie “Das Boot”, in my opinion the best and most realistic submarine movie ever made. In the film the crew sang along to the very popular song “Its a Long Way to Tipperary”. Aboard HMS Eastbourne we were awakened each morning over the tannoy system by the bo’sun pipe calling the hands followed by(volumn ramped up) Buddy Holly singing “Wake up little Susie”. Whilst aboard Cockade we listened to Pat Boone singing “Love Letters in the Sand” we were in the Far East and letters were our only link with our homes and loved ones. By the time I joined the submarine Taciturn the Beatles were all the rage. However, for me the most moving song afloat was sung by Catherine McKinnon on here album “Voice of an Angel” I was aboard the submarine Alcide  stationed in Halifax Nova Scotia. A crew favourite was her lovely rendition of “Farewell to Nova Scotia” The LP was  well worn and we loved it to the point of hating it because it was played so often!!! Music! truly the universal language.

God Bless and keep reading.

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