Duffy – will he get the Message????

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The three faces of our most infamous senator, who might that be you ask?????? Why!! its the one and only Mike Duffy, you must remember him he is the poor chap who wasn’t sure if he lived in Ottawa or Prince Edward Island. He is the poor chap who had difficulty filing his housing allowance forms. He is the poor chap who accidentally claimed thousands of tax payer dollars for his living expenses because the forms were so vague. Find all this hard to believe?? so do I.

Here is/was a successful journalist who had been employed by CTV for many years, he was generally popular and well known as a TV journalist. Then the unthinkable happened, he was appointed to the senate, Wow he thought, I really am the very important guy I always thought I was. Senator Duffy Eh, bow down before me you Canadian minions.

Sorry this is just my sarcastic way of describing an out and out fraud. Surely after Canadians paid some $5000 to produce a hot air doll that closely resembles Duffy holding a bag stuffed with money and floating over our Capitol city, he should get the message. I see no way forward for this disgraced member of the senate, he should resign now, please resign now, you are an embarrassment to our Nation. You are a blight on Canadian politics and surely Prince Edward Island deserves better.
If the senate is abolished, and I hope it is, you Mr Duffy will go down in history as the cause, you will have found your place in history.
This comedy of errors has lasted long enough its time to end these ridiculous senate appointments and shut down the senate for good. The Canadian tax payer will immediately save $90,000,000 per year, money that could be put to good use elsewhere.

During the second world war London and other major British city’s flew barrage ballons over the city’s to hinder German bombers. Perhaps with an effigy of Duffy flying over Ottawa we will deter further senate fraud????? However the bottom line here is —-Abolish the Senate

My rant for the day.
God Bless and keep reading

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