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This lovely Island home was built in 1907 at a cost of $127.00, it is one of three homes designed and built in Ebenezer by the same carpenter . It was the original farm for the Mac Rae family for more than one hundred years. We purchased the house in 1986, a time when our two daughters still lived at home and we owned three horses. We have loved living here on this beautifully quiet and serene property but alas old age has caught up with us. We need to sell and find a smaller one level place with much less upkeep.
During our time here we have done a huge amount of work repairing and improving this home.

To persons contemplating the purchase of this house and property I have listed the following things that should be taken into consideration.

In the last ten to fifteen years we have installed (1) a new septic system. (2) new roof. (3) new Eaves troughs.(4) All new windows (Please Note- one in kitchen only replaced glass). (5) Central Vacuum system. (6) New front-back and patio doors. (7) Low flush toilets. (8) New Kitchen counter tops. (9) New laminate flooring in kitchen.(10) new kitchen sink and fittings. (11) new shower stall. (12) New dishwasher six mths old) (13) New Fridge and Stove in last 8 years. (14) Heating- pellet stove,three electrical wall heaters on lower level, new fiber glass oil tank. (15) New electric water heater. (16) Sprayed in insulation in attic.(17) Had one thousand trees planted around the 14.2 acre property last year. (18) New well. (please note there is a spring on property that supplied water to the house and farm livestock for many years and still works with outlet in the basement) (19) Chimney repaired with new top lining and brick work and capped.

There are perhaps other items that I have missed, however you will find that all the major and expensive items have been completed. The house is sound and ready for a new younger family to enjoy. Living here is unmatched in the in summer and winters are not a chore, the driveway slopes to the highway and rarely collects snow. The house is near schools, churches, medical clinic and is twenty minutes from Charlottetown. Finally if you are dog lovers as we are, you will find this is dog Heaven!!!

I hope this information is of some help to you in reaching a decision, if there is anything further you wish to know please do not hesitate to contact me at 964-3020.
Thank Your for your interest.
F.Ben & Linda Rodgers

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