I’m on a Mission

I usually just complain about politicians and their politics, it is a bottomless source of material. However, today I’m on a mission to save a small piece of history in Charlottetown. We often don’t miss things until they are gone. Have you ever wondered how many of the old Island service stations that once sat on every corner of every road are left. Probably none! The service station business has become convenience stores with self serve gas pumps. Remember the days when the stations competed by giving away cheap gifts with a fill up, remember the tiger tail that hung out of the filler neck. Remember having your windshield cleaned and oil checked by a smartly dress attendant in his Texaco bow tie and cap.
In Charlottetown sits one of the very last old style service stations and it is in danger of being lost for ever. Over the last few years its been used by a variety of businesses such as a car rental firm or as offices for local contractor. So my mission is to attempt to save this piece of automotive history. I have sent letters to the mayor, the city planning committee and my elected government member. I hope when you read this you will contact these persons too. I need your help and support and I have been in touch with the PEI Antique Car Club asking for their support too. Below is copy of my original letter that began this mission to save the little Irving station on the corner of Queen and Euston Streets.

For the 2014 celebrations I would like to create some interest/momentum to save the old Irving Service Station on the corner of Queen and Euston Streets. I have sent an email to City Hall asking them to consider restoring and possibly turning the station into a tourist info center. I have suggested the city might partner with the PEI Antique Car Club. I’m sure Irving would play a part, old gas pumps could be installed, the antique license plate collection and some auto regalia could be displayed with maybe a few cars on the forecourt during the summer months. I believe the station would be of benefit to the city and the Island, it could be good for tourism and we would be saving a rare piece of Island automotive history. This is perhaps the only early original type of station still in existence on PEI, most have disappeared. If club members are interested in this idea, they can contact city officials, MLA’s and urge them to consider saving this piece of Island heritage. Members can post their wishes on Facebook and Twitter etc if we tell enough people we may get the momentum needed to move this project forward.The station is designated as a heritage property

So there you have it folks! with your help we can try to save this little bit of Island history.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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