US vs UK Cop shows

There is a huge difference between the television shows in the US and in the UK. A US cop show is over dramatized with car chases, spectacular crashes, Guns Galore, Handsome macho cops. Blood and gore, and finally very simple plot lines.

UK cop shows are interesting, every day believable, and they require one to pay attention to the plot. Rarely is a gun seen, never a car chase, little or no blood and the detectives are plain every day people who are not particularly tough or macho.
I would choose a a UK cop show every time over a US show. How about shows like Broadchurch, Inspector Lewis, Inspector Morse etc etc.
American cop shows are probably accurate if we consider the US,  is a society raised on a gun culture. The right to bear arms?????.
What do you think? am I being negative regarding the US? I don’t think so!!!!
God Bless and keep reading

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4 Responses to US vs UK Cop shows

  1. CeeDee says:

    I agree 100% you have to pay attention throughout or else lose the plot. I prefer all British drama over US.

  2. baconburner says:

    No my friend you are not being Unjust nor negative with our Southern Neighbour The Good Old USA. The days of Home and Mom’s apple pie are long gone. The Gun culture had increased a thousand fold.
    As for cop shows I too am an afficianodo of UK shows. The young Morse is most interesting in the program endeavour. Even heartbeat puts a positive side to rural policing in the 60s.
    I am in the midst of my 4th novel by Syuart Macbride of Aberdeen excellent Police thrillers.
    Take care and keep up the great Blogs.

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