Is the Canadian Government Legitimate?

Its very difficult for the average Canadian to actually know the truth about the goings on in Ottawa. So much has been said about crooked senators cheating the system with their greed. The Canadian Prime Minister Harper who stands up in the house of parliament to defend them or if not to defend to claim he was unaware of what was happening in his own office. Hard to believe indeed, but what can we believe? or what should we believe? or more importantly who can we believe?. Difficult questions to answer and I sure do not have the answers. I do know that in the last election campaign Harper stopped veterans from attending his election rally in Halifax, they might have asked difficult questions. He stopped students from attending rallies in New Brunswick and other provinces because they appeared on Facebook with the Liberal leader, they might have been disruptive.. The list goes on and on. Then came the accusations of fixing the polls, diverting voters to the wrong voting stations, bogus phone calls to voters. Probably a lot more underhanded dealings that we may never uncover. It leaves me with the question in the heading of this blog, Do we have a legitimately elected Government???, I don’t think so, but I do think I’m justified in referring to the Prime Minister as Herr Harper. Not a lot different to the way Herr Hitler rose to power in 1932/33, he never achieved a majority of the electorate either. He certainly used many illegal tactics, bullying, threatening etc to gain votes. Of course you could say Hitler was much more criminal in his methods, and you’d be right, but he didn’t the internet, the electronic systems and computers we have today.

How about this report?

The Council of Canadians says that the non-cooperation, obstructionism, and attempts to disrupt the Federal Court case by the CIMS makes it look like Prime Minister Harper has something to conceal.”

The Canadian Federal Court has confirmed that the country’s 2011 federal election, which led to the victory of Stephen Harper’s government, was fraudulent.

The court emphasized in a Thursday ruling that it has found in no uncertain terms that widespread election fraud took place during the vote.

The ruling also stated that “there was an orchestrated effort to suppress votes during the 2011 election campaign by a person with access to the [Conservative Party’s] CIMS database.”

Accordingly, the Council of Canadians has called on the Conservative Party to investigate the issue. It says anything less at this point would be a cover-up on behalf of the Conservatives.

The Council of Canadians says that the non-cooperation, obstructionism, and attempts to disrupt the Federal Court case by the CIMS makes it look like Prime Minister Harper has something to conceal.

Garry Neil, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians said “This Federal Court decision is a major indictment of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

“Either senior leaders of the Conservative Party were directly involved in election fraud or they were astoundingly negligent in securing access to their voter database. Illegal or incompetent–just like in the Senate scandal.”

Food for thought eh!!!  Oh Canada, Oh Canada what can we do????

God Bless and keep reading.

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