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Another Nail in the MAIL????

This morning I received a postcard from Australia,my cousin sent it whilst she was on vacation. It got me thinking about the mail in general. How important it once was, especially when I was in the Navy. The one thing … Continue reading

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Another Great Soccer day

What a great day in British Premiership soccer, Man United lost, Man City lost, Chelsea and Spurs only managed a tie and guess who won??? You got it!!! Arsenal!!!! they defeated Swansea 2-1. That puts then out in front at … Continue reading

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Remember This Guy?????

Oh Boy, its going to be difficult but I will try not to be too smug while writing today’s blog. It wont be easy because this is really a case of “I told you so”. Our old friend Del Mastro, … Continue reading

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Duffy-Wallin Etal

In the news last night it was announced that the RCMP are presently investigating Pamela Wallin. They have been investigating other senators for several months, Duffy comes to mind. The problem I have with this issue is the fact they … Continue reading

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Target Stores – Have They Shot Themselves in the Foot

It is almost that time of year again, Remembrance Day and the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign. Here in Charlottetown we are also awaiting the grand opening of a new target Store. On the CTV news last night veterans were … Continue reading

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The Friday Night Teaser – Answer

Not many readers attempted a guess, but my old shipmate from HM S Ganges was spot on (well done Tony). Of course he should have known, Right. Us Ganges boys are a smart lot. Anyway to the question, what is … Continue reading

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Rough Weekend

Sorry my blogs have been blah of late, mainly due to the fact i haven’t been feeling too great. Sunday morning was a very nervy repeat of how my heart attack happened back in January 2011. I got up not … Continue reading

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Friday Night Teaser???

Just waiting for Coronation Street to start and decided to pose this teaser. see the blog picture and tell me what you think it is. Its probably way too easy. God Bless and keep reading

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The Periscope Well

The periscope well is located in the deck of the control on the old A class submarines and is approximately seven feet deep. When the periscope is lowered in goes into the well. In harbour doing maintenance in the well … Continue reading

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New Book and Cover (maybe??)

Looking for your input, My latest book and my first work of fiction is titled Chapter XXI, and the cover will be similar to the photo I have posted. Briefly the story is about a world on the brink of … Continue reading

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