The HST Saga

Thanks to Ghiz and his Government cohorts Prince Edward Island now has the Infamous HSTax to deal with.
Its here to stay so I suppose we should just suck it up. Well we would if it were that easy to suck up, but its not that simple.
Here is the latest my Saga of selling our house. Our real estate agent said, we better add buyers pays HST if applicable to the contract. She is the professional so we said okay. That opened a can of worms. The buyers said no we aren’t paying the HST the seller pays it. We contacted our lawyer, she is a professional too, she said “YES” you have to pay the HST. The buyers lawyer said “NO” there will be no HST charged. Are you getting confused reading this? Just imagine how confused we were. We consulted an accountant, he said “don’t ask me anything about HST, there is only one accountant in the whole Atlantic region that understands the HST and he is so busy you will never get a hold of him. Next step we phone the government HST centre. After a myriad of inane recordings and punching numbers in we finally reached a human! Human said “YES” you have to pay HST, we said “NO” you are wrong. Human took offense but referred us to the dept that handles disputes. Another human answered the phone, he was much more human in fact. He answered our question in seconds and was categorical in stating “NO” you do not have to pay HST. Now you might think this was a storm in a teacup. But consider this didn’t all happen in a single morning it was spread over several days waiting for people to return phone calls or trying to reach people who might be able to answer our questions etc. It was a stressful time for us and the buyers. They were beginning to have second thoughts and the whole deal could have fallen through at any moment. The most important point regarding this HST is that no one seems to know how to apply the tax rules properly. We got so many different answers my head was spinning. Its time they learned and understood how to apply the rules. Why am I paying a real estate agent and a lawyer and I’m doing all the work??? Thanks Robert Ghiz-Sheridan etc, come visit me during the next election campaign!!!

God Bless and keep reading. Phew,!!!!! we think (I hope) we are back on track and the house will sell eventually?????

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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