Too Many Tears!!!

Oh Dear, yesterday’s blog brought too many tears,too many emotions. I will have to do better today, but if I can’t make you smile maybe you can be as angry as I felt those many years ago.
It was a Sunday morning in 1985, and we were getting ready to go to church, Susannah wasn’t feeling well. Our first reaction was to leave her in bed and go on to the service. However on second thought we decided to take her into the hospital for a check up. (a good decision) This was during the time we had the Coffee Shop in Charlottetown and on Saturday evening I had brought the money home to make up payroll checks. The cash was up stairs in my office desk. Susannah was checked out and we returned home about 3 pm, had supper etc and then I decided to go up to the office and finish the payroll. The money was gone approximately $3500 missing, the strange thing was that only the bills were missing, there was about $200 in coin. A quick investigation discovered the patio door had been jimmied. Until that moment we had not noticed anything out of place. Clearly we had been robbed whilst at the hospital. We had a dog but he was just a little lap dog, not much of a threat! The RCMP investigated and did have suspects, but no proof, no finger prints, these guys knew what they were doing. I said to the RCMP officer it would have been a risky operation, what would have happened if I’d returned home while they were still in the house, they couldn’t have passed me on our long driveway, I could have blocked their escape. He assured me they never came via the driveway but from over the fields behind the barn and left the same way. That was the reason they only took the bills the coins would have been too heavy. So our beautiful walking trail was also an escape route for these despicable thieves. That kinda takes the edge of the trail thinking we had shared it with such low life. Our doors had been locked but again the RCMP pointed that locked doors only keep honest people out, they suggested we get a big dog. This was when we got our first Doberman, Dana was a two year old female and we were scared to death of her for about two hours until we discovered she was the biggest suckie baby we had ever owned. Dana was followed by Molly and presently we have Angel. They must be effective because we have not been robbed since their arrival. The word quickly spread through the neighbourhood that we had angry dogs!!! If they had only known!!! A Doberman is one of the most faithful and gentle dogs a person could ever wish for. We never got the money back, but continued to walk the trail having a great confidence with our fearful dogs at our side. No tears today please!!!! but if you really feel bad about our loss, donations will be gratefully accepted. Joking of course!!

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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4 Responses to Too Many Tears!!!

  1. When I was working as a house assistant/cleaner in Toronto my employers rented out their house for a short while to people who had two huge German Shepherds. I remained under their employ throughout the renting period. You would think that two German Shepherds would appear threatening but the house was borken into and, all I can remember, is that the robbers made off with passports – I don’t think there was any money there to be robbed. But my picture is that the the dogs laid there not realizing at all that they were supposed to go into action. It surely seems like a case of the dogs knowing the intruders but I never heard anything else of the happening. From your account, I guess we don’t know how a Doberman would react but I always thought that Shepherds and Dobermans were equally as threatening. Just having a Doberman might have prevented you from being robbed again because of a Doberman’s reputation.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Francis the thing that convinced me doberman dogs were good guard dogs was because our oil delivery man complained that the dog stood at the window ( oil filler was under the window) growling and baring his teeth at him, he was afraid the dog might come through the window. We had to put shutters on that window, or might have gone cold in winter

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