Suspicious Activity Spotted on Parliament Hill

The RCMP are investigating suspicious activity in the basement of the Parliament buildings. Just recently a government janitor reported seeing two shady figures creeping through the darkened halls in the dawns early light! He described them as one short chubby balded headed little man who walked with a funny gait. The other appeared to be a female with very unruly hair and a cell phone in her hand. Between them they were carrying a barrel or maybe it was a keg or it might have been a large file . In the dim light it was hard to tell, but he saw them go down the stairs behind the PMO office. The janitor was unsure if these two figures were intending harm to the PM . He suggested they could just be the latest two Innocent PMO staff members to be fired for their involvement in the senate cover up.

Here are my thoughts as the 5th November draws near.

Remember remember the 5th of November “Guy Fawkes Day”.  Our (I have already answered that question)Stevie Harper should check out the basement on the hill just in case. Way back in 1605 Guy Fawkes along with a few other conspirators packed gunpowder under the house of Parliament in London. He was caught, tortured and finally gave up the plans to blow up the government of King James(this could be Harper) and replace him with a Catholic Monarch(this could be Duffy). On the day of his execution Fawkes jumped from the scaffold and broke his neck. That couldn’t happen today could it??? Nah, besides its not celebrated in Canada. Nevertheless, Maybe just maybe, the PM should stay home on the 5th!!!

On a special note

The RCMP have advised all members of parliament to wear long pants on the fifth in case the building has to be evacuated.

God Bless and keep reading

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