The Senate Scandal

wallinduffystephen_harper_nude.jpg.cfVladimir Putin at a meeting with regional heads in Khabarovsk, Russia.
I’m really sorry folks, I have tried to ignore this subject but its just too much for me to handle. How can I not comment on the utter nonsense coming out of the mouths of these people. I’m not sure how Putin became involved but even his name has been mentioned in this ongoing saga of lies. What really got me into this blog today was the remarks sympathizing with Duffy Wallin and the other fellow “Buddy whats his name”. Kicking them out of the senate without pay or benefits would be too harsh. After all they have families to support, and some have serious health issues, medications to buy etc. How would they manage if we stop their very lucrative pay and benefit package? My goodness such hardships, so cruel and uncaring. what a dreadful way to treat people who lined their pockets at our expense. I have to wonder if they live in the same Canada as the rest of us. I have health issues, a family to support, and I’m on a fixed income. Does that not sounds similar to an unemployed senator. Surely Duffy Etal have pensions, if necessary can claim EI,(I’m sure they would qualify) they can use the same health system I use, and they can purchase their medications at Sobeys same as me. Scratching my head here!!!whats the problem, fire their asses out the door. That is due process when you commit a crime. Many people in the media say they are having problems sorting out the truth from the lies!!! That too should be a simple issue, they are all lying, no one is telling the truth, least of all out exalted leader who apparently knows nothing??????
There now I feel better!!! time to go watch Arsenal win another game.

God Bless and keep reading

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