No Room at the Inn

motor bikemy mini
Having moved into our new home we set about clearing the garage floor to make room for my soon to arrive Mini Cooper convertible. However, in the mean time, Linda’s motorcycle collection grew to two bikes. Two bikes take up more room than one, had I bought anything larger than the Mini we would have a problem. So far I can just squeeze into the garage and shut the doors with about an inch to spare. If I add fog/driving lamps to the front of the Mini that inch might disappear. God!! I hope I down have to downsize as the only choice left would be the Smart car!!!!Ugh
On another note! I was checking my banking info on line the other day and got a nasty surprise. Linda turned 65 a couple of months ago and her Canada pension supplement increased by approx $200, she was very pleased to say the least. But when checking my account I realized my Canada pension supplement had just been reduced by approx $200,

Go figure!!!!A case of robbing Peter to pay Paul or in this case robbing Ben to pay Linda. We can’t win these days, but I’m wondering if I can charge Linda rent for the second motorcycle????Nah!!!probably not!
God Bless and keep reading

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2 Responses to No Room at the Inn

  1. Tony Miles says:

    In answer to your two comments Ben. the first being the garage space. When I came to America I purchased a beautiful house built in 1914 with a separate double garage. During the time of a previous occupant, they had obviously bought something like a Lincoln Continental, to make it fit in the garage they cut an exact oblong slot in the end of the garage to fit the hood through, then boxed out the other side. With regard to pensions, when I let the social security know of my English Old Age Pension they halved my social security telling me my English Pension was in fact a ‘Windfall’
    My wife upon receiving her English Pension was told only the spouses pension would be affected, so she got all of it. I borrow off her if I’m short.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Hi Tony I well remember the huge Lincoln Continental!!! I had one in the late seventies and thought I had the world by the tail!!!Don’t think I could park one today, probably be afraid try. I’m lucky here in Canada, my old age pension isn’t touched by the revenue dept, but its not very big either because I have been in Canada most of my working life. Take care Ben

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