Gas Figures MPG?????

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Many people today purchase a new car based on the fact the manufacturer claims great fuel economy. When we bought the Kia Soul they were advertized at 48 mpg. Shortly after the purchase it was discovered the mileage figure was inaccurate. We actually get less that 40 mpg. However in kIA’S Favour they did own up and we do get a yearly rebate based on mileage. It helps, but would we have bought the Soul if we had known of the lower consumption. The answer is clearly no. I;m beginning to wonder how accurate the many different manufactures claims are? Just recently owners of a Chevy Cruze complained they are getting nowhere near the mileage advertized by the dealerships. Surely it is time an independent body was appointed to rate the various mileage claims of each vehicle manufacturer. The three vehicles I have posted all had reasonably mileage consumptions claims. The Lambretta approx 100 mpg,(maybe less with sidecar) the Reliant three wheeler approx 40 mpg and the 1961 Chrysler 15 mpg. Gas was cheap and mileage if important was what buyers expected from the various vehicles whether two wheels, three wheels or four wheels. Today gas is expensive and cars are expensive and buyers need honesty regarding gas consumption claims. Can anyone explain the claims made today?, for example, “Best in Class Fuel Consumption” what class ???? manufacturers can make up whatever class that suits them. All very misleading and barely honest advertizing. They all fall back on the well worn excuse,”Gas mileage will vary with local conditions??? However we don’t expect such wide variations merely because we live in a different location to the factory. Not good enough folks, its time the car makers came clean.
And that’s my rant for this Monday Morning

God Bless and keep reading.

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  1. I would say it comes down to the consumer not accepting the bull. The consumer has to be made aware that this is happening or the manufacturers will continue to get away with it. They probably already have it in their plan of what to do should a single consumer conplain. Give that single person a rebate to soften them and shut them up. Maybe 90% of buyers won’t complain at all. There is also the fact of the environment but that is the last consideration of the manufacturer. As many manufacturers, they are out-and-out lying to their customers and to the public in general. That’s my rant for Tuesday. ^_^

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