Elizabeth May – Representing Afghanistan?????


I was totally unaware of this event, and only learned about it through reading Jack McAndrews column :The View From Here”.  Once more our (I know nothing about the PMO activities))Prime Minister is showing his controlling management of all things Canadian. Why would one of Canada’s most renown MP’s be denied a place with the Canadian Delegation on such a important World issue. Well that is life in Harperland. Please read the copied portion of Jack’s most interesting article.


The Canadian delegation at the Warsaw meetings was led (if that’s the word), by our Minister of Environment, the charming and totally ineffective Leona Aglukkaq, a nice person who does what she is told, and utters the talking points handed to her by the now infamous prime minister’s office, without complaint.

For instance, when Canada is listed as the worst of 55 developed nations in trying to limit the amount of gases sent heavenward, “and is largely irrelevant here,” the poor dear replies with a mumbo jumbo about how her government is doing its best for the environment and the Canadian economy.

There was another Canadian voice at the Warsaw meetings. She is not a member of the Canadian delegation. She is a member of the Afghanistani delegation.

I do not know why Afghanistan.

Her name is Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, and chosen by her peers as, “the hardest working MP in Ottawa.”

“She notes that, “We have become, at UN climate meetings, the worst country in the room.”

Now, you may well ask, what the hell is Elizabeth May doing in Warsaw as a member of the delegation from Afghanistan?

Well, Ms May would rather be a member of the Canadian delegation. She wrote a letter to Ms Aglukkaq asking to be included.

It has been traditional for the government of the day to offer places to members of opposition parties in delegations representing Canada at international conclaves such as this.

Not any more. Not with Stephen Harper in charge.

Ms Aglukkaq wrote back to Ms May that, “the government has again decided to limit the Canadian delegation to government representatives only.” She cited financial and logistical considerations, as well as past experience as a Canadian delegation member to other environmental fora, also influenced this decision.

All of which is, of course, pure and utter nonsense, undiluted bovine defecatory matter.

There was only one reason the best qualified Member of the Parliament of Canada was in Warsaw as a member of the delegation from Afghanistan, and that is because Stephen Harper cannot control what she might say, the truth she might tell.

In Harperland there is no Canadian delegation, no parliamentary delegation representing all of us. There is only a Harper delegation.


There you have it, we do indeed live in Harperland.

God Bless and keep reading

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