Sheridan – Is This Guy for Real?????

wes_sheridan_mediumI have to scratch my head every time this guy Sheridan opens his mouth. Here is our Minister of Finance Wes Sheridan AKA the Billion Dollar man who has set off on a quest across Canada to improve the CPP (Canada Pension Plan).  This is a man who cares little for his own Province or for the people who pay him. On PEI we have a deficit that would choke a horse and will eventually choke the Island. We have a Finance Minister who makes his own rules, imposes taxes and reduces pensions as he sees fit regardless of the hardship he creates. Sheridan talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. He tell us that middle income earners need to save more for their future pension, no mention of low incomers???. Outrageously he is short on details as to how this should/could be done. I can’t understand why anyone nationally would even listen to him, for God’s Sake take a look at this guys record!!!! In the last four years he has wasted more money than most people are ever likely to see in a lifetime. He imposed the HST on  already over taxed Islanders, approved the Plan B highway and the Hills of Borden, bought himself and other ministers new vehicles, invested in a ridiculous gambling scheme called Geo Sweep, maintains the lowest tax exemptions in the Country. He approves loans to hotel builders and other wild schemes, most of which we will never see repaid. In the last twelve months we have seen MLA’s received three raises. Of course he will tell you they were very small and only in keeping with inflation!!!  Oh!! that’s okay then! but just one tiny question,  how do the rest of the Island population keep up with inflation???? Wes Sheridan would do better to spend his time on PEI cleaning up the mess he has created here rather than travelling across the country at our expense. The rest of the Country is in a big enough of a mess as it is, they certainly do not need Wes Sheridan sticking his oar in.

That is my Rant for this snowy Monday Morning

God Bless and a Merry Christmas

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1 Response to Sheridan – Is This Guy for Real?????

  1. The lower income bracket needs to become aware of such politlcal moves. It seems that the prophet to lead the people has not come public “yet”. I hope to hell that the leader has been born and will come public in our lifetime!

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