The State We Are In!!!!!

First ClassNot too long ago our intrepid Leader Robert Ghiz travelled back form India on a First Class ticket while his entourage sat at the back of the plane. His loyal cohort Wes Sheridan made the excuse that Ghiz was entitled to travel first class stating that, “after all he is our Head of State”!!!! Well he is indeed the head of the state we are in, and that state is one awful mess. We close out the year of 2013 with a huge deficit,highest taxes in the land, highest unemployment in the land and the lowest tax exemption in the land. One could say we have been landed in it and not via a first class ticket. The fact he never walks out alone says a lot about this inept premier, what on earth could he be afraid of, Islanders are nice people aren’t they ?????Then again maybe Islanders are really angry, hungry and poor? Whatever the reason, this has to be the first island premier afraid to walk alone on PEI. Wonder why?????

Ghiz Claims He Is Enlightened After “Pulling Head From Sand”

In a very cushy and limp year end interview  PEI Premier Ghiz claimed he had pulled his head “Out of the Sand”, and realized PEI Education needed more PD Days allocated from the School curriculum.
PEI has had the lowest PISA scores in the Western World and badly lagging behind sister Provinces. Elementary school class time is more than 80 hours higher in Saskatchewan. Ghiz wants more PD days, presumably to allow time to teach the teachers who are failing with the students.

Bruce Rainnie of CBC Charlottetown hosted Ghiz in a year end interview without any tough questions on his disastrous records since being elected. Ghiz having thoroughly disgraced himself is never seen alone in public. Naturally CBC Liberal press service  allowed Ghiz to wax on and on about his great career. Ghiz may yet pull his head out of more terrible places than in the sand.


If Ghiz is truly afraid to walk alone  then that surely speaks volumes about the dreadful job he has done to date. He could and maybe should walk out the door once and for all. That would be a wonderful start to the New Year.

This should be my last rant of the 2013 year end!!!!Maybe


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2 Responses to The State We Are In!!!!!

  1. What’s so discouraging is the lost hope that there is anyone who would step in and do an honest term’s work!

  2. irishroverpei says:

    one can hope, but its unlikely he’ll go before we kick him out in the next election. There is also a nasty rumour he worked a deal with Harper. Bring in the HST and a senate seat will be his

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