The Poor People of PEI

wes_sheridan_mediumFirst ClassWhy more photos of Premier Ghiz and his Finance Minister Sheridan? Well allow me to explain, this might be a wee bit long winded but I think its necessary that Islanders know about the stupidity and ridiculous waste  these two men perpetrate. In the last year they have accepted at least two pay raises. Sheridan stated that cabinet ministers needed new vehicles so they went ahead and bought them. Not small cars such as a Toyota Yaris or Honda Civic costing approx $15,000 each. No they spend the maximum ($32,000)to buy nice luxury vehicles like the Honda Ridgeline. The minister of Fisheries decide to take a North Rustico fisherman with him on a trade mission to China . To the best of my knowledge this fisherman does not have a degree in trade or commerce in fact I doubt he has achieved more than grade 12 education. He has fished out of Rustico all of his life, lobster early in the in the season then tourist for the rest of the season. Hardly sterling qualifications for selling sea food to the Chinese. Nevertheless, he travelled with all expenses paid, (air fares,hotels,meals and road trips) by us the tax payers. They built a new highway through the Bonshaw Hills that we could ill afford and which generated Island wide opposition. I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone of the HST. That all took place in 2013, and perhaps we are hoping that wiser actions will be followed in 2014. Alas! it is most unlikely, Robert Ghiz has already spoken of his great plans to celebrate 150 years of Confederation and to spend more money we don’t have. The Island has a population of approx 140,000 people and we lead the Country in highest taxes etc. I suspect that by population we have probably the highest deficit or at least in the top three of all Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Why am I re-hashing this again, God knows I have wrote about these issues many many times and it must surely becoming boring to my readers. I apologize, but my tirade today is not caused by some inane government announcement or action. I was inspired to write this because of the plight of one Islander. Yesterday Linda received a phone call from a man offering to shovel the snow off our roof. He had worked for us this summer whilst we were moving and selling our house. Our son-in-law had just cleared the roof so we said no we didn’t need the help. This desperate man persisted, what about your driveway/walkways . Again we told him we had a snow blower and didn’t need his help. He continued saying, I’ll do anything you need doing I haven’t worked for over a month. I have no money little food and no heating oil left in my tank. The temperature outside was -35 Celsius, it was so bitterly cold we were not allowing our dogs to stay out more than a minute or two. How could we hang up on this poor man? we didn’t.  Linda arranged to meet him in town and we gave him a sum of money to buy oil and other necessities. We told him we’d probably have some work later in the year and this was a payment in advance. Now I’m not telling this story to garner praise, or to tell the world I’m a generous compassionate Christian person. For Linda and I it was really no big deal, just an act of human kindness. But for this poor needy man it might well have been a life saver, at least for a few more days. The question is, how many others are suffering similar plight? this man can at least offer his services to work, but what about those who are too old or too frail and have no one to turn to, how do they survive Premier Ghiz, Minister Sheridan??????How about jumping in your posh cars and go visit the needy people people in your districts, you know who they are.  You do it when you want their votes, so do now when they need your help. Its just what we would call good government in action. Alas I already know I’m wasting my breath, Shame on you all.

God Bless and keep reading

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  1. Have to give a “LIKE” to this true picture.

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