The World of Football (Soccer)

stan;ey m,atthewsLots of activity here in Canada as the Canadian Soccer Assoc plan to make a bid for the 2026 World Cup. A good idea that will certainly give our nation a much needed boost in a sport  considered the greatest in the World. It will be questionable if I’ll be around to see it at eighty seven years of age, but who knows.?? Football has its moments both good and bad and sometimes funny. This morning I heard about a Man U fan who called 999 (our equivalent of 911) to report a crime. He asked to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson, but the operator continued to asked him the nature of the crime he was reporting. Manchester United were rubbish, they lost a cup game to Sunderland in an extra time penalty shoot out!! That’s a crime!!!The operator while being sympathetic told him he should call the club not 999. Most  soccer fans in the world would, if asked, tell you Pele was the greatest player ever. He was indeed a fantastic player but for me, Sir Stanley Matthews was the greatest, Stan played when football was still just a game and a sport. he was known as the gentleman of football. He was never sent off, never fined and never booed by rival fans. He played in a time before the wonderful game was referred to as a product and big business. A time when a players salary was in line with other wages, he would never become a millionaire.  He played when the teams were supported only by the fans, there were no big corporate sponsors. So I therefore consider Stan as the greatest player ever. Some will disagree, maybe the younger fans, but older guys who recall the 1953 Cup Final when Blackpool defeated Bolton 4-3 after being 3-1 down will agree. Great memories, great games,great players. The 1953 FA Cup Final was known as the Matthews Final. Until the 1953 game he had won every medal cup and honour except a FA Cup winners medal. Sir Stanley Matthews was the very first football player to be Knighted by the Queen.

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