duffyhaRPER NOSEphotoHMS Ganges Guard- Drake Div classes 16/17 March 1956.The shame with Veteran Affairs begins with the Prime Minister and his Government. The latest decision to close eight local offices that serve veterans is a disgrace. In fact the treatment of veterans in general is a greater disgrace . How could this government allow injured service men and women to be discharged months before they qualify for a pension. Is this how Harper plans to balance his budget??on the backs of the people that defend this country. Who tells the military where to go and who to fight or defend?the government do. Yet when a wounded soldier comes home, he has to begin another war, a war with Veterans Affairs. When I think of the payroll for politicians, the perks and pensions it makes me sick. These selfish elected officials seem to think they are the entitled elite, the rest of us just complainers. I had a recent run in with the dept and could not believe how difficult it was to achieve the purpose of my phone call. Recently after we moved I receive the quarterly Veterans Newsletter, it was addressed to my old address and forwarded. There was an email address and phone number in the newsletter. Simple Eh, just call or email and inform them of my change of address. Thank God I wasn’t calling about something more serious because this was a complete exercise in futility. The email didn’t work and the person on the phone said I had to call the central number to change an address. I called the central number and was past on to a second number.  Before I could explain my reason for calling I had to give DOB, service number, branch of service etc etc. Once I told them all the details I was told they couldn’t change my address and gave me another number. Guess what? same routine again wanted my details before they would hear my reason for calling. Again I was passed on to another and another department with the same questions repeated. Finally, I was told they could not except a change of address over the phone. Please give me your mailing address!!!!! and I will send out a form for you to fill out with all your new details. I think now I have managed to change my mailing address but can’t be sure until the next Newsletter arrives?

Last year I emailed my member of Parliament objecting to the fact all the MP’s were receiving the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. He strongly disagreed saying it was deserved,  he suggested that I must considered all politicians as “scum bags”. Hardly  a suitable reply one should expect from an elected official.  I now realize this particular MP likes having these medals and decorations. I watched him stand and give a speech at a last years remembrance day service, he was wearing no less than three medals. Actually they were all commemoration awards,  the three he wore were 125 Confederation Anniversary medal, Queens Gold Jubilee Medal, and the Diamond Jubilee medal. I don’t care that he managed to get these awards but wearing them on remembrance day, it is as if he is posing as a veteran. How many people would know the difference, I think most would probably assume he had served in the forces.  I see him as an imposter not a veteran and this is one of the reasons I strongly oppose politicians receiving these awards in the first place. It is just another way of enhancing the imagine of a politician and denigrating the value of real medals awarded for valour and service to ones country. While he parades around with three medals on his chest there are many real veterans in this country with nothing to show for their service. Does Canada not think all members of the forces should be recognized for his/her service with a Defense Medal? Seems like a small token of thanks for their service to their country. Its time this government started to balance the value of our forces rather than their bank accounts.

God Bless and keep reading.

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