Double Dipping in the Cadet Org

cadetsIt was interesting to read of the top heavy bureaucracy  within the Canada Cadet organization but it came as no surprise. I served in the Cadet Instructor Cadre for twelve years and quite frankly I was disgusted with the way things were done within the”Old Boys” network. General John de Chastilain (Chief of Defense) for instance, he had to retire at age 55 in approximately 1993, however he changed over to the reserves? Not the regular reserves because they age out at age 55 too. He joined the CIC (Cadet Instructor Cadre) CIC officers could remain on duty until age 65. This is just one example of double dipping, he would have qualified for his military pension and also be paid through the CIC organization. I can’t actually state that he never worked with a cadet unit but as he went to Northern Ireland its highly unlikely. The same thing occurred at most regional HQ’s. In Halifax several retiring Naval personnel joined the CIC at the local HQ’s. Once again receiving a military pension and being paid full time by the CIC. It should be noted that many of these people quickly gained senior rank with higher pay scale.   I once attended a sailing weekend in New Brunsick. The cadet corps and their officers were billeted under canvas and were fed at a field kitchen. On the morning of the races we had to wait for the Sailing staff from HQ to arrive. They were staying at a local hotel with their wives accompanying them, hotel and meals paid for by the CIC.

On Prince Edward Island it was equally as bad. Each province has a position known as Area CIC Officer, this is a three year term with the rank of Major/Lt Cdr and rotated Navy-Army-Air, or was supposed to. Around 1992 the Halifax HQ appointed one Ken Bergeron as the new ACICO for PEI. No one within the island cadet corps even knew this man. To the best of my knowledge he had never been involved with cadets. He had not risen above the rank of Captain during his Army service, now as a Major he had his third stripe. Three years later another outsider was appointed, this time Kip Holloway, he had risen to Lieutenant in the RCN, also not involved in the local corps. He had joined the Navy League of Canada two years prior to his appointment, thinking that might make him look better than his predecessor. When he was appointed as Lt Cdr he also got his third stripe. Both these men wanted so badly to be regarded as senior officers at the expense of hard working corps officers and they managed to weasel their way into the position thanks to the Old Boys network. I issued a redress after the Holloway appointment, it took three years to finally reach the Chief of Defense staff by which time the appointment was over. I ran into road blocks and excuses one after another, the file was misplaced, so sorry, the file fell down behind filing cabinet, have forwarded it post haste!!. It was ridiculous but not much I could do about it,I was battling against the very people carrying out these unearned and unjustified appointments. However, I’m please to see my redress was not a complete waste, since the Holloway appointment only serving CIC officers have been appointed . So to conclude it is not the cadets, nor the corps officers that are wasting/abusing the funds. One only has to audit the regional HQ’s and the full time staff.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Cadets,  we had wonderful times and I hope I had a positive effect on the lives of those amazing young people that passed through the ranks of the Corps.

God Bless and keep reading

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5 Responses to Double Dipping in the Cadet Org

  1. Dylan Blacquiere says:

    You did. Never doubt that.

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  3. Matt Slade says:

    CIC officers are only paid a max of 25 days a year or 35 if you are a Commanding Officer. This article is ridiculous

    • irishroverpei says:

      Well Matt we are all entitled to our opinions! But if you think my blog is ridiculousn I would suggest you have your head buried in the sand. My blog is factual, and I’d point I’m not referring to cic officers at corps level.its the many at HQs that do the double dipping. You have possibly not met a career CIC officers but trust me they are out there

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