Olympic Games-Present & Past

olympichms_cockadeI arrived in Melbourne Australia in November 1956 for the opening of the 16th Olympic Games. HMS Cockade was escort ship for the Royal Yacht Britannia with the Duke of Edinburgh aboard. After just viewing the grand opening at Sochi on television I realized how much has change since the XVI Games of 1956. The opening back in 1956 was impressive and exciting but could never compare with the openings these days. I’m not sure the changes are for the better, there was little or no security at the Melbourne Games. There was no obvious military or police presents, of course we sailors were hard to miss!!!! The city was crowded, shop windows dressed and the whole place had an air of gaiety about it. Aboard ship we had a blazer badge made to commemorate our visit and duties at the Games. It was a very impressive badge featuring the Naval crown with the five Olympic rings in the centre and the words – Royal Naval Olympic Squadron 1956- circled around the rings. I wore it for years allowing those who saw it to possibly think I was an Olympic athlete!!! Whilst the 1956 Games proceed a new movie was released, I think the title was -My Wee Geordie- I believe it was filmed on location and in the Scottish Highlands. The story is of a skinny wee lad who writes to a body builder, his name was Samson! (a take on Charles Atlas) and starts following his body building course. Of course there is a wee girl involved in the story. Mary is his childhood sweetheart. Long story short he arrives at the Games and is losing the Hammer toss until he sees a vision of Mary running through the heather shouting -Come away ma wee Geordie-. He throws the greatest hammer toss of the games and eventually comes home to marry Mary. But first there isdesk etc 011 a brief argument over a Swedish female athlete name Olga who had appeared in the newspapers arm in arm with Wee (now Big) Geordie. It was a cute film,one I have always remembered. I don’t suppose anything similar will happen at Sochi. It will be enough to hope the Russian authorities will abide by and carry out decent human rights

PS I have added a photo opposite, I’m wearing the famous badge!!!not very clear though Sorry!!

God Bless and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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