WildLife,Conservvation and Protection Fund??????

pei_passenger_conservation_blue_jay_(2)_cropped_2pei_passenger_conservation_fox_(2)_croppedHow nice are these pretty new licence plates for Prince Edward Island? You have the choice of ordering one with one of the following items on the plate, the Fox, Bluejay, Canada Goose,Salmon or a Lady Slipper, the island flower.  You can of course just order the plate with no animal/flower on it at the normal registration fee. However, those who care about nature and conservation can order one of the types described, same as the two in the photos and pay an extra $10 per year. This money goes to the Wildlife,Conservation and Protection fund. What a great way to help save nature,what an even greater way to save and protect our wildlife population. Anyone concerned with the beauty of our island would gladly pay the extra $10 per year to such a good cause. But, and there is always a but with government schemes that appear to raise money for worthy projects. This particular project received a great deal of media attention when the plates were first launched and were applauded widely across the island. The Minister of Highways Robert Vessey, praised the new plates with great fanfare on Television-Radio and Newspaper. Sounds really good so far ,right???? But here is that BUT, I just learned today the very same Wildlife, Conservation and Protection fund was giving 150 trappers licences to kill the beautiful foxes of PEI just for their pelts. The pelts are being sold to China where people apparently still like to wear furs. How dreadful is this?? nothing our officials tell us is ever completely open or honest. These are the same people who have the title before their names “Honourable”  but not in my book. This is disgustingly underhanded and dishonest, it makes me feel sick. I can understand the need to control the coyote population they are a danger to livestock, but what harm do foxes do??? Hunting should be banned unless it is for feeding ones family.

God Bless and keep reading

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  1. A “LIKE” for the behind the scenes view.

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