Deep Thought Not Deep Wells

robertghizI’m beginning to realize what a great tool the social media can be if used with common sense. I continually post items of interest and concern about things our Provincial Government do. I believe this is also a very necessary tool when used sensibly. I try not to nit pick the silly things our politicians do but come out swinging at the more stupid things they attempt. For instance, the latest plan from our Minister of Finance Wes Sheridan, is to give the Bingo Halls $140.000 to boost their games in the hope of raising more charity monies. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but at the same time it probably isn’t going to hurt me. What can hurt me and does truly concern me, and indeed I hope it concerns the majority of Islanders is the latest proposal by the Potato Industry to drill deep irrigation wells. The government say they are waiting for the science before approving the project. The Minister of the Environment Janice Sherry recently said she would leave it up to the Potato Industry to educate Islanders. Surely that is the dumbest statement yet to be uttered by a politician. How will the Potato Industry educate us??? I imagine they will say , we have the science and no harm to the island water supply will come from the deep wells, Duh!!!!. This is an island with a single water table, waste it, pollute it, deplete it and then what???? The potato industry will move off island and grow their spuds elsewhere. It boggles the mind that our elected officials are even talking about this issue, they should say NO and in no uncertain terms. As a young man becoming a politician never occurred to me, I thought one had to be really smart to get elected. Now days I realize I’m as smart as any of our current Politicians, my down fall would be having more integrity. To conclude this tirade, I would ask every islander to let their politicians know we do not wish to risk the island water supply in order to appease the Potato Industry..   Please consider sharing this far and wide.

Gos Bless and keep reading

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