Order of Prince Edward Island

heather moyseMarkArendzCAN_sprint_pamdoyle-wRecently, gold medal winning Olympian Heather Moyse, returned from Sochi to a huge celebration in her home town of Summerside. It was a fitting end to her wonderful success at the Olympic Games. On hand for this celebration was Robert Ghiz the Premier of our Province. Unfortunately this young Premier seriously lacks experience and good judgement, but does not lack in arrogance. I recall the night of the last provincial election, his candidated Allan Campbell lost his seat and Ghiz announced over the air waves that Campbell was a great guy and would have a job in Premiers office the following morning. Quite a slap in the face to the voters who ejected him. This has since become a Ghiz trade mark, at the Moyse celebration without prior consultation he announced that he would award her the Order of PEI. This is a blatant act of sweeping aside the legally appointed nine person panel. They are duly elected every three years to make three selections from the many nominations they receive. The rules clearly state politicians are to be hands off. When the dust settled Ghiz merely stated that he would just have the rules changed. I see this as an outrageous  abuse of his position and it destroys the whole award process. I do not question if Heather should or should not get the order, but surely she must go through the same process as all the many other deserving nominees.  Our premier may well have opened a can of worms for himself. What happens if Mark Arendz returns home with a Gold Medal from the Para Olympic Games. Should he not also be appointed to the Order of PEI????? There are two things I’d like to see happen. (1) Heather should decline the order from Ghiz and request he nominate her through the correct  channels. (2) This Premier should stop his grandstanding and pay attention to the job he was elected for. Concentrate of the many issues facing the people of this province, the deficit, taxes, heating oil, food banks, and the plight of so many Islanders. However, I doubt any of this will change until we sweep Ghiz and his cohorts from office, and that will only happen if we survive long enough to have another election.

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  1. Yep! Politician grandstanding makes them forget sanity.

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