To Break Up A Country?

quebecHere we go again! another separatist government talking sovereignty association. Pauline Marois the premier of Quebec is hoping for a majority vote in the next election, but hopefully the spectra of separation might have put a wrench in the works. We seem to re-visit this issue every couple of decades and quite frankly its getting boring. Perhaps the rest of Canada should hold a referendum on the question, asking if we want to keep Quebec.  They might get an unpleasant surprise by the results. This has really become tiresome, Marois states she will keep the Canada dollar, she will have a seat on the Board of bank of Canada, will not impose border restrictions, passports,tolls etc. Seem she has it all worked out, but she hasn’t actually talked with the rest of Canada yet???? My feeling is, if Quebec want to separate so be it, but it should be a complete break with no deals to use our currency,pensions or health care. Also they take with them their share of the deficit.  Separation issues are not uncommon, in the UK a few years ago Wales was talking separation, and more recently Scotland. However,if we look back at the American civil war, it was not so much about slavery but rather about keeping the nation united. Marois needs to consider a few major factors when planning to become an independent nation. Has she checked on the views of the USA, they are quite protective of their borders both North and South. To suddenly have a new country on her northern border could raise a few alarms. Would Quebec approve separate trade deals with countries like Iran, Russia, China, how would the West view such actions. What if she decided to allow a Russian military base in Quebec, how about Russian missile silos on the Magdalene Islands  do you think the US would mind?????. I think for Canadians the big issue would be the continued existence of Canada. What would happen here in the Maritimes? we’d be cut off from the rest of Canada, might even be forced to join the USA. Oil rich Alberta might also decide to go it alone, in that event what would British Columbia do. We could very quickly become another Europe with dozens of struggling little countries. Separation is not only dangerous,its untested territory fraught with pit falls.  The bottom line for these separatists this that all they see as  their future is their own nation with a premier becoming a President-Queen or King. Madam Marois needs to take a lesson from history, in the words of Abraham Lincoln —- United we stand divided we fall. Wise words and serious food for thought.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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