McWatters Bakery

McWatters Bakery Circa 1940I last posted about McWatters Bakery back in July of 2012, but strangely yesterday I received two comments on the subject. The first was merely reminiscing much as I had done in the original blog. The second response! well I’m not sure if he was joking or actually offended by my reference to a silly old children’s street poem

“Old McWatter’s bread,, Sticks to your belly like lead…,No a bit o,wonder you fart like thunder…Old McWatter’s bread,………………….Sung by Belfast kids running behind the bread delivery man in the 1930,s thru the early 50,s

The second response was this. “yeah so im danny mcwatters and im pretty sure that bread didnt stick to anyones belly like lead, bcoz if u did actually digest lead i think it probably wouldnt stick to your stomach wall but im no doctor but these kids were just wrong and jealous of that awesome bread most probably when they sung their hurtful song and also that farting like thunder, i just dont see how that bread could do more damage than a pint of Guinness on your bowels so yeah omadons!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to think he is just joking, at least I hope so, McWatters bread was no better or no worse than any other Belfast bakery. My father worked there from 1919 until his death in 1960 and during that time I doubt any other brand of bread was eaten in our home. In our little Belfast kitchen house lived my mother, father and us six children and I’m sure we ate our share of McWatters bread with no one suffering a lead belly!!!! In those days children entertained themselves,  for fun we chased the bread man the coal man and probably a few others, sometimes they chased us. It was a common sight to see kids standing at street corners trying to raise enough money to go to the pictures (movies). The usual approach was to say to passerby’s “Give us a penny mister” It rarely worked and many a boy would try to sneak into the local cinema via the exit doors. A few years ago I was reminded of the, give us a penny mister in Dublin. A little girl asked me “give us a pound mister” I was surprised, in my youth a pound was a small fortune, That’s inflation for you,it  even affects the economy of today’s kids.

God Bless and keep reading.

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