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Todays Youth????(Some of Them)

I suppose it would be true to say every generation think that in their youth they were better dressed and behaved than today’s youth. I look at the young people today and have to wonder! Boys with their pants around … Continue reading

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End of Season Heats Up

Only two games left to play in the Premiership and the race has never been tighter. Arsenal are well on their way to a fourth place finish after picking up three points yesterday defeating Newcastle 3-0. However the race for … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Season is Near

If the weather ever improves Linda might get her bike (bikes)out of Millvale. When we moved to Abram Village on the 15th April she had to leave the bikes behind in the garage because of the weather. Snow and rain, … Continue reading

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Chapter One – Jerusalem 6 AD

Copyright c 2014 Frederick Rodgers. All Rights Reserve.d Chapter One Jerusalem 6AD Abraham shifted his position; he was stiff and cold from the long night of watching his father’s sheep. As the youngest son the night watch was his responsibility, … Continue reading

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My Latest Book

This is an idea that I have decided to act upon. My latest book ”Chapter XXI” (the photo is a rough idea for the cover) is complete but still needs some fine tuning. In brief it is a story of … Continue reading

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A Wee Bit of Ireland

Ireland has long been credited with saving civilization at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire. All the knowledge amassed across Europe was gathered in Ireland and saved from destruction as the Huns pillaged across the lands . … Continue reading

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A Lobster Tail

Ron McKinley is a long time politician and a farmer, he presently holds the cabinet post as Minister of Fisheries. The new 2014 lobster season is about to open and the Fishers still have no idea of what prices they … Continue reading

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Tattoos are a risk when Travelling

Hmmm, Not sure I like tattoos on women anymore than I like them on men. Of course there is a certain sexual attraction in coming across that secretly hidden tattoo beneath her soft silken? ———use your imagination!!!. While I have … Continue reading

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Tattoo’s A Wiser Decision of my Youth

In 1956 I joined HMS Cockade stationed in the Far East, I was just seventeen years old and a very new sailor. It was a natural progression in the Navy to torment and tease the new young sailors. My career … Continue reading

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Submarine Escape.

My escape training began in 1959 and no doubt has evolved greatly since then. In my day escape  was probably the single most important part of submarine training, also the most fearful. You can see in the photos I have … Continue reading

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