Six Million Dollar Man or Bionic Budge????

-Sixmilliondollar1In the years before Budge started school she became extremely fascinated by the TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. This was back in the days when we had at most, two TV channels. I suppose to be fair the Bionic Man wasn’t really a bad show and I often watched it with Budge. Now, as this show happened before some of my younger readers were born, they might have difficulty understand and visualizing . If I remember correctly it began circa 1973 and was televised in black and white. Nevertheless, I will do my best to describe it as it occurred for those of you who did not have the opportunity to see it.  Steven Austin was a USAF Major badly injured in a plane crash. He was rebuilt using bionic technology of the times. he was better than new, stronger and faster. Like I said, Budge was fascinated with Steve and it wasn’t long before she took on his persona. In the show when Steve zoomed across the screen it was sometimes slowed down to slow motion with a strange musical sound added for effect. Budge, who by this time had also become bionic, and only answered to the name Steve,  or if that failed we could address her as Major always remembering to salute. She perfected Steve running at high speed, but in slow motion of course . Susannah would race across the living room in slow motion using the same music as on TV or at least her version of the same music. It is really impossible to convey her image in a blog, if you are familiar with the show you will probably know what I’m talking about. However, those of you too young to have seen it, I’m sure Budge can still be talked into doing a demo of her slow motion run with accompanying musical effects if you ask nicely, remember to address her as Major. That’s it for today folks but stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the Life of Budge as she starts school and becomes Davey Crocket!!!!

God Bless and keep reading


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  1. Gede Prama says:

    A wonderful article and great … thank you for sharing with us .. 🙂

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