Chapter Two

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Chapter Two. The Meeting

The buzz of the alarm clock pierced his sleeping brain; slowly the British Prime Minister became aware of his surroundings as his tired mind oriented itself. Stretching his stiff limbs he swung his feet onto the carpeted floor and blinked at the bright sunlight flooding through the bedroom window. Today was going to be long and really tough if he was going to find agreement and a way forward in the World crisis confronting him and the other leaders. This special meeting had been planned secretly under the guise of a financial organizational meeting regarding the World Bank. In actual fact he and the other World leaders or their representatives would be discussing the dire Islamic situation facing the Christian nations of the World.

The meeting was necessarily posed as financial because no one would be suspicious; finances had remained an ongoing issue in the Western World for years. However the real reason was far more serious, how to deal with the rising Islamic terror campaigns across the World. It would not be an easy question to solve, but everyone agreed it was of vital importance. The Christian World was on a serious decline, yet the majority of citizens seemed unconcerned, unless of course, the violence occurred in their neighbourhoods.

Today’s meeting was planned to be as brief as possible with hopefully a quick decision reached between the concerned nations. Prime Minister David Logan wasn’t sure how he had ended up as the chairman of this meeting, but it was too late now to object. What was he going to suggest, he’d had several ideas that as quickly as they arose he squashed them as unworkable. There was no quick or easy answer to this issue and with so many politicians attending could they ever expect to find a common ground. A quick shower and a light breakfast and David was ready to enter the lions den to do battle.

Surprisingly the meeting was very quiet, no arguments no disagreements, everyone listened quietly and politely. The British Prime Minister first proposed that all the members advise their defense departments to increase their military readiness. Most nations had already begun increased military training; many reserve units had been activated. The Western nations were now for the most part, on a war footing. However, none of these actions was a solution; none answered the most pressing problem of rising Islamic terrorism.

It was clear the issue crossed political lines into religious areas; a South American leader suggested they should open a discussion with church leaders. Once more, and to David’s surprise no one disagreed, this meeting was not going at all as he had expected. A resolution was passed that the Vatican be contacted to review the facts and hopefully try to offer a solution. After all this was really much more a religious issue than it was political. It was agreed upon that all nations send their top advisers to the Vatican as soon as a meeting could be arranged. The British Prime Minister stressed that this meeting too should be cloaked in secrecy, and should be arranged as soon as possible.

When the gathering broke up around three in the afternoon, David headed for his office not sure if the meeting had accomplished anything; he had the feeling that by involving the Vatican they had merely passed the buck.

As he was about to enter his office he heard someone calling him and turned around. Andrew McTavish was coming down the carpeted hallway toward him. Andrew was the elected member for Argyll in the Scottish Highlands. “David would yea have a wee minute to spare; I have a wee request to ask of yea”. “Come into the office Andrew, what is on your mind”? “Thank you Prime Minister, when you choose the people you are going to send to the Vatican I’d like you to consider an old preacher from Inveraray, Rev Angus MacDonald”. “Why do you ask Andrew, does this man have something special to offer? Aye well, yea might say so, but you’d no believe me if I told you what it is. These are difficult times so I’m asking you to trust me and send this man with our British delegation. Okay Andrew he can go but I leave you to make the necessary arrangements and to bring him up to speed on the details of our delegation. “I have to confess Andrew, I will never understand why you damn Scots always have to do things with such mystery”. Och Prime Minister, do you no ken we have to be mysterious or you Sassenachs would be taking over and raising the taxes on the price of our whisky”.


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