Charlottetown City Transit????

bus2bus3bus424159978_4747a7663f_zI’m struggling to understand why in the smallest province in Canada with a population of approximately 130,000 people we need such huge buses. I’m not sure of the total number of vehicles but believe we have three of the Old Street car version, same as the blue bus in the photo.  I’m not suggesting there are not appropriate for the capitol city of Charlottetown, the city is a popular summer tourist destination and. the old fashion style does have appeal. My criticism is of the larger bus similar to the large Bluebird bus in the photo. We have approximately three of these monsters plodding around the streets belching out fumes.  They indeed appear to be very ancient buses and are or were more suited to large centres such as Montreal etc. I have yet to see one full, half full or even reasonably full. They must seat about 47 passengers yet the most I have ever seen on one is two or three people. These old buses pollute the air are heavy on fuel and take up more street room than is necessary. That brings me to the third photo of the smaller Ford 20 passenger bus. Surely this size is more suitable to our narrow roads and street, and maybe just maybe they might look like they are sometimes full??? You would be right in assuming that I have never rode on this transit system. So you might ask how come I have an opinion??? Well, this system is heavily subsidized by tax payer dollars, and is why I have an opinion. I’m not against a good transit system but it must be run with smaller and newer more efficient vehicles. Not the bargain basement dinosaurs that would appear to have been purchased from a larger city transit yard sale!!! And that folks is my Monday morning rave!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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