Just Good Manners

canada_flagOne might ask what is the meaning of protocol ? I think to put it in simple terms it means “Good Manners”. That brings me to today’s subject and the manners sometimes displayed by our elected officials. In the case of the Lieutenant Governor the correct way to address him is  “Your Honour”  Sir, is also quite appropriate. Last year I attended an official function at the Lieutenant Governors residence in Charlottetown. On completion of the official part of the ceremony we were invited to have refreshments with the LG.  Frank Lewis, is our Lieutenant Governor and a very amiable gentleman he is. However,the MLA attending on behalf of the Premier and Provincial Government seemed intent on showing he was on a first name basis with the LG. During refreshments he called him Frank on more than one occasion and in a loud voice that all in the vicinity could not fail to hear. I have no problem with this person and the LG being on a first name basis .  But it is certainly not good manners to address the LG this way at an official function and in front of others. On this particular occasion I let it pass without comment. This year I had occasion to attend another similar event at Holland College. The same MLA was in attendance as the Government representative. During his speech to a crowd of some 500-600 people, he turned on the speakers platform and again addressed the LG as Frank. This was done over the speaker system for all to hear. I was disgusted to have this happen again, especially as it was in front of 170 of our youth who were receiving awards from the Lieutenant Governor . I realize not everyone agrees with the Monarchy or the pomp and ceremony that goes with it. To many I may sound like a nit picker just out to embarrass a local politician. However, it is the system we presently have and I think it should be respected as such. After all, good manners are not difficult or hard to understand. If we expect the youth of this Country to be polite then should we not be setting the example. Our politicians should at the very least conduct themselves with some decorum on the public stage. Perhaps the Premier needs to appoint a protocol coach for the less informed of our elected officials!

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MLA=Member legislative Assembly

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3 Responses to Just Good Manners

  1. baconburner says:

    Once again Ben you are absolutely correct in this matter. Pomp and Circumstance is an important part of our Fabric. To call any official by first name no matter how connected is just plain Rude and Inappropriate. It shows a great lack of respect for both the office and his friend.
    This was further exemplified by the downright ignorance of the Ghiz Events people Hiring a Drag Queen to embarrass our Heir to the Throne with a disgusting attempt at humour.
    You are right all MLA’s and Premiers should attend classes on Couth and Culture. Keep it up amigo.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Thank you Robbie appreciate your comments. It must seem to some of our visitors that we are just a collection of country bumpkins

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