Monday Morning!!!!!

robbyrobertghizI know I know!!its Monday Morning and everyone is tired after the weekend. Going back to work is no fun, and a Photo of Ghiz (my favourite pose) doesn’t help matters. So relax folks,I will go easy on you today,no politics, just an old blog rerun.

With all the irresponsible things our Provincial Government are doing it is sometimes hard to blog about anything else. However, it is also tedious and a depressing subject and I’m in need of a change. So lets go down Memory Lane one of my favourite places these days. I have posted a photo of my good friend Robby McRobb. Robby and I are good friends and have a lot in common. We are both somewhat ancient immigrants, we are both veterans and we both joined our chosen branches of military service as boys. Robby joined the Canadian Army as an apprentice soldier and I the Royal Navy as a boy seaman. We have both served around the world in harms way and in peace. We are both proud to call ourselves Canadian and are dedicated to this great Country. Robby being Scots and me Irish we also enjoy the single malt!! Of course we might have a dispute over who distills the finest Whiskeys The Scots and Irish are similar in many ways. However there are a few distinct differences. The Scots were never known to be good spellers(whisky) and do sometimes dress oddly and dance with and over sharp swords!!! Whereas the Irish are generally snappy dressers, never have porridge for breakfast and dance with sharp girls. Other than that we have much in common!!!!!!!! Hope this has added a lighter touch to my blog and I hope Robby is still speaking to me???

God Bless and keep reading



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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Monday Morning!!!!!

  1. baconburner says:

    Greetings Amigo, well I have spent almost 2 hours on Google trying to find out the differences between Scots and Irish….. Sadly there are basically none. In fact my Surname begins Mc as opposed to Mac. It seems that Scotland was the place that the Mc s travelled too from a small Island of Irelands East Coast. So other than the Gamut of Kiltie Jokes and Irish Jokes we are more related than first thought.
    Personally you and I share many a trait and ideology, especially on allegiance. To the Crown the Branch RCN or Army etc etc Now I am babbling. Thanks for the kind words/ I am off to Normandy and many a story has been written over 70 years since the invasion. Very few stories cover the bravery of those RN , RCN USN personnel who transported all the ground troops for the largest invasion in History.
    Take care my friend keep the great Blogs coming and you will be forgiven when you spell Whisky correctly. Ha Ha Ha
    A faithful reader.


  2. irishroverpei says:

    Although I have never check, somewhere in my past I was told that the differences between Mc and Mac was of religious origins. Not sure which was which but apparently one was catholic and the other protestant.

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