Such A Busy Man??????

julian_fantino.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoJulian Fantino is the Federal Minister of Veterans Affairs and he is so busy he doesn’t have time to talk to the mere mortals suffering PTSD or for that matter their wives. Just a few months ago he kept a delegation of veterans who travelled from across the country to see him, waiting for over 45 minutes. His excuse, he was in a meeting that ran late? During the meeting with the veterans he told one not to point a finger at him, he didn’t react well to finger pointing. Have a look at the photo, he does it too, but I guess its okay for him to do it, he’s so much more important than us lowly veterans. Just yesterday a wife of a veteran who is suffering from PTSD asked to speak with the minister. Guess what, he ignored her and raced for the exit door. Hard to believe he still has his job, what is Prime Minister Harper thinking????. Naturally Fantino had another really original excuse, he was late for a meeting and didn’t have time to stop and speak with the lady. Poor guy he is just a victim of either late running meetings or running late for meetings.  However, my take on Fantino is that he is just plain arrogant, he should be ashamed of himself but probably doesn’t know the meaning of shame.

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