D Day 6th June 1944

julian_fantino.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoToday is the 70th anniversary of the greatest seaborne invasion the world has ever known. It is a time when we need to remember the bravery and courage of the troops who stepped out of those landing crafts onto the occupied beaches of Normandy. They faced withering fire from the entrenched German gun emplacements, the mines and traps as they raced for the cover of the overhanging cliffs. I can’t imagine the fear, the courage or the sheer determination to make the invasion a success. But they did, and because of their efforts today we enjoy freedom from the spectre of Nazi oppression. I watched the televised ceremonies yesterday filmed at Beny-Sur-Mer, it was a very moving experience, it was well organized and carried out. If there was one blight on the ceremony it was when Julian Fantino spoke. His record as Minister of Veteran Affairs has been to say the least, despicable. I’m sure many veterans feel as I do, such a man should not be Canada’s representative on such an important occasion.

On a lighter note but still within the theme of D Day, does anyone remember the Film -The Longest Day- I saw it in Belfast in 1961, I dated a pretty girl who lived on my street, it was to be my first and last date with her. Why!!! after the movie was over she asked, what war was that. That my friends is the reason we are asked to remember.

We Shall Remember Them

God Bless and keep reading



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2 Responses to D Day 6th June 1944

  1. baconburner says:

    Datt da ditttaa dattt ……. reporting from the Front.
    Briefly I have just returned to my Hotel after a Long Hot Day. Plus 30C in Normandy a great day .I will not bore you with details just now BUT I will tell you and your readers all about it. Suffice to say Fantino is a DIC**EAD At the main ceremony on JUNO Beach it started 2 hours late, The staffers from VAC in Charlottetown were for the most part ok. However a few were rude and inhospitable to Veterans and Visitors alike.
    Fantino spent approx. 4 minutes shaking hands wit 90 plus year Vets. Ignored everyone else and disappeared rather quickly.
    Anyway my friend that is the Blurb for tonight will fill you in over the next few days.
    Take Care
    Robby signing out from the Beach.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Wow that sounded just like the opening to Ed Morrow’s (think that’s the name) Radio —-Datt da ditttaa dattt war time report from London!!!!

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