Chapter Seven—- The Message

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Chapter Seven.

The Message


Mary raced into Terry’s office holding a decoded piece of paper she had just received from Washington. “Terry you are not going to believe this, our church leaders and governments in their wisdom now tell us they want the capsule expanded to carry a third person. Terry was aghast, what? Surely they know the production of the capsule is already almost completed. Do they simply think we can just throw in another seat, maybe make room by replacing a piece of vital computer equipment? Do they not understand we are already behind and on a tight time schedule? Do they know we are still waiting for word on how the capsule is to be shipped here without raising suspicions? This is insane; they must think we are building a ferry service back to Jerusalem 2000 years ago.


Mary I think you had better get in touch with Angus and have him talk with Cardinal Perrocelli. He will have to make a decision about this latest wrench in the mix. I for one do not want to call the people at Kennedy and say. Oh! By the way we need you to pop in an extra seat.


Mary agreed saying, yes you are right Terry, I will go find Angus and have him sort this out. At the door she suddenly stopped, turned and looked at Terry. Wait a minute, the first thing he is going to ask me is who the third seat is for. Who is the third seat for? Terry scratched his chin. A good question Mary and I do not have the foggiest idea”


Angus was on the scrambler phone to Benito within minutes of Mary’s arrival. He too, had no idea of the reason for this third seat. After a few moments the Cardinal came on the line, Good day Angus, I hope this is a positive call with good news; I’ve received only one problem after another so far today. Aye and good day to you Benito, but its nay good news I have. Mary has just handed me a decoded message from Washington, in it we have been requested to add a third seat to the time capsule. Oh dear, this is news to me too, did they say why they need a third seat? Nay, replied Angus, there is no explanation just the demand. Terry thinks if we go to the guys at Kennedy with this they will go ballistic. To date they have encountered one problem after another, not to mention the pressure they are under to complete the project on time. Maybe Benito, you can pull a few strings and find out who this mysterious third passenger might be. We haven’t even confirmed that we have a second pilot yet. Eve is off somewhere doing that as we speak


“Okay Angus, not to worry, I will make some discreet inquiries and get back to you as soon as I can, stay near the phone. Also tell Terry to hold off on calling Kennedy about a third seat until we know more”.


Two hours later as Angus was sitting down to share his supper with Mary the security phone rang. “Wouldn’t you just know it, the minute we sit to eat and the phone rings” “Hello Benito, what news do you have for us? Angus I hope you are sitting down for this, because you are not going to believe who the third seat is for. Aye well, I dinna think I can guess, so you had better tell me. Mary was out of her chair and standing close to the phone anxious to hear the answer. Our masters have instructed us to attempt to bring our Lord Jesus back in the capsule. You surely didna mean we are to kidnap him Benito? No, the idea is that we talk with him and convince him to come back”.


“Benito, I think you were right I need to sit down, this goes beyond anything I ever imagined. I know we originally talked about bringing Jesus back but decided it was never going to work. I’m no sure it is even possible or something we ought to try. I agree Angus, but we must play along and suggest to Kennedy we need the third seat, I believe as you do that they will flatly refuse, the capsule is near completion. Nevertheless we must follow up on the order, if only to keep our people happy. Please have Terry send out the request as soon as possible, no need to say why or who the seat is for.


I’m sure they will turn us down, and that will be just fine with me, we say nothing and merely carry on as planned. The whole idea is ludicrous to begin with; I can’t imagine the thinking of the clergy that thought this one up. If in fact Jesus was to agree to visit our time I’m sure he could do it with hitching a lift in our time machine”.


“Aye, you are no wrong there Benito, the whole crazy idea is for the birds, it’s enough to drive an old Scottish minister to the drink. Benito laughed, Ah my friend you are probably well within walking distance to a bottle of Scotch. Good night old friend and God bless you”.

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