Forget Education Its Party Time on PEI

robertghizWhat the heck! forget education, school is almost out for the summer, its party time on Prince Edward Island. I can’t understand why people keep complaining about my government, we are throwing a huge party for islanders. No expense spared!!! we are spending millions of dollars we actually don’t have just to make islanders happy.

Duh!!!This really does prove that the Ghiz government think we islanders are all dumb. If we continue down the Ghiz road the next generation will be even dumber, if that’s even possible. Has anyone taken a good hard look at the education system on PEI????? Two years ago we lost an organization called Volunteers for Literacy, more recently we have lost 200 island teaching positions. In the last election a liberal promise to build a K-12 school in Souris never happened. We have government friends and relatives holding jobs in the premiers office, the Eastern School board offices, and a principles office in an island school. The Minister of Education assures us the system is working,  strange thing is many parents do not agree. I guess the plan to party through 2014 is not working Mr Ghiz.  Sadly this is only the tip of the education iceberg!!! We have a president of the Teachers Federation more interested in seeking the Liberal nomination for the upcoming Federal election than education. Hmm! would it be wrong to question his judgement? would it be wrong to think this was the reason he was so quiet when 200 teaching positions were slashed? Would it be wrong to ask why this man has not stepped down in view of his political ambitions? If you think this is the worse,  just wait a minute, there is more. Now the Island group for Literacy have had their funding cut, rural PEI is alive with rumours of more school closures. We have the lowest education rating in the entire Country, but hey!!!! no worries Ghiz is throwing a party. Unfortunately this only reminds me of the Emperor Nero, who  fiddled while Rome burned.

God Bless and keep reading

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