My 1952 BSA 650 Twin Golden Flash

003 001A very dear friend sent me this tiny black and white photo of my BSA motor bike and sidecar. It is a 1952 BSA 650 Twin Golden Flash with a one seater sidecar. I purchased the bike in late 1958 whilst serving aboard HMS Eastbourne. In January 1959 I was transferred to HMS Harrier a radar school in Wales. I set out on my new machine in the dead of an English winter to ride across the country from Chatham, Kent to the village of Dale on the south west coast of Wales. It was a distance of approximately 300 miles and I guessing at an average speed of 25mp,. it took me the best part of two days. There were no motorways in those days and most roads wound their way through Cities, towns and villages. Once in Wales the roads were even worse, soon narrowing to one lane with small areas provided for passing. Passing included the odd bus, truck or car, but mainly tractors and sheep.In most cases when following a slow moving vehicle one had to wait until it turned off or stopped before passing. Not sure why I said slow moving vehicle,they were all slow moving, particularly the sheep. I did eventually arrive at HMS Harrier after two days on the road. I was tired,wet and filthy from road spray.  I was stiff and shivering from the dreadful weather of snow rain and freezing temperatures. I had no fancy motorcycle leathers or even decent cold weather clothing. I was kitted out in a variety of items bought at a local Army Surplus store supplemented with bits and pieces of my Naval uniform. Looking back it is a wonderful memory of that trip that if attempted today I would most certainly fail to survive. The foolishness of my youth, I only kept the bike for six months then sold it and bought thisIMAGE_edited, a 1936 Hillman Minx—–

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