The Pemier Explains!!!!

ron_mackinley_mediumrobertghizRemember yesterdays blog concerning the offensive amount of money the Minister of Fisheries spends on meals using his government credit card? Well our cool as a cucumber intrepid leader the smooth talking young Robert Ghiz explained on a TV interview last night.  He did appear a wee bit uncomfortable, a little hot under the collar perhaps. But hey!  it was a warm day and all those TV lights and cameras eh!!.  Nevertheless, like the majority of tax payers I’m relieved to know this government has checks and balances in place to prevent the misuse of government credit cards. Phew!!! that is a relief, silly me thinking they might accidentally over spend. I should really pay more attention before writing about my concerns!!! After all didn’t the Deputy Premier quickly pay back the money he charged after unwittingly sitting on a TV remote in a US Hotel and accidentally program a $40 movie. Surely charging a $2 packet of gum on a government credit was done in a moment of inattention by our ever so busy Minister of Finance Wes Sheridan. I understand when this infraction was kindly pointed out by the opposition he immediately repaid the outstanding amount. I feel so good knowing our elected officials are looking after our interests. Checks and balances are good things to have in place. The next time Ronnie uses his government credit I will feel safe knowing his credit card payment will be approved. Our government accountants will ensure the checks balance and the debts get paid. We have nothing to worry about, and if things were to get a wee bit tighter!! Well, Good Ole Wes can just increase the HST.

God Bless and keep reading

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