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My 1952 BSA 650 Twin Golden Flash

A very dear friend sent me this tiny black and white photo of my BSA motor bike and sidecar. It is a 1952 BSA 650 Twin Golden Flash with a one seater sidecar. I purchased the bike in late 1958 … Continue reading

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Nice to be Well Thought Of.

The statement attached was part of the 2014 Award Ceremonies held at Holland College in Charlottetown on 15th May. It was my last official function with the Duke of Edinburgh Council. I’m greatly honoured and privileged to have been part … Continue reading

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A Fictional Tale of Fact

One could hardly be blamed for thinking this is a story of fiction. Well I guess it partly is, lets see what you think. Just yesterday our Fictional Prime Minister (his decisions are mostly unreal) made an extremely controversial declaration … Continue reading

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Government for Big Business By Big Business

Can you remember that silly notion from way back when? “A Government for the people by the people!!!!” Never going to happen in this day and age. We have people like Harper directing a government for the benefit of big … Continue reading

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In Which I Served

There is something odd about a submarine on which I once served, becoming a museum!It tends to make one think of oneself as old!!!.What??? not me. Seriously if you get a chance to visit the Portsmouth area the submarine Alliance … Continue reading

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A Field Too Far?????

I realize we will always find fault with such huge events as the World Cup. Some are real and some are imagined. However, I have to believe the grand Manaus Stadium has a tiny odor of corruption about it. This … Continue reading

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight Kennedy Space Centre (Vehicle Assembly) Tony Reagan was the director of the vehicle assembly division at the Kennedy Space Centre, he had reached his position through a quick mind and hard work. Now just two years from retirement … Continue reading

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Magic of the World Cup

The United States can yell about their World Series championships etc etc, but right now we have a real World Series happening. The World Cup is underway and has all the excitement and thrills of previous cup games. This is … Continue reading

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Deep Water Wells Blackmail

The Big Two!!!Irving /McCain, blatantly Threaten us, if we don’t give them what they want. If we don’t play their game they will take their ball and go home!!! Sadly we have a very weak leader and an even weaker … Continue reading

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In The Line of Duty

Yesterday 11th June 2014 Linda took me along with our friends Carl and Jan to Moncton. The purpose of the trip was to visit the Mini Dealership and get my fathers day gift. A Mini Cooper baseball cap, plus an … Continue reading

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