KFC – Dinner Meeting to Discuss Gov Business????

KFC 1ron_mackinley_mediumWell Canada Day celebrations are over and its back to business for most Canadians.kfc




I’m anxiously awaiting the return of our Fisheries Minister so he can explain his exorbitant meal expenses. Government checks and balances notwithstanding, he has much to chew over with Island tax payers. The opposition party have released his expenses for the last few years, and to say the least, they are very questionable. Lets just take the bill from KFC that I have posted with this blog (there are lots more). This was a $46 bill for a bucket of chicken,gravy,pop and fries. The bill was noted as meal for dinner meeting to discuss government business????? There are a few seemingly odd things about this! how many at this meeting? where was in held? it was November so definitely not an outdoor meeting,such as a picnic. Why would the Minister of Fisheries have to collect the food himself?  A one liter bottle of pop as the refreshments??  isn’t that just a wee bit strange? why not milk, tea or coffee????? Finally I’m trying to imagine the attendees at this meeting handling the paper work and writing notes with fingers that would surely be finger licking good. I realize this was a meal of chicken but it sure does smell fishy to me. In the past McKinley had stated he likes to treat his constituents, chatting with them and buying the coffee etc . I have no problem with that, but I expect him to use his own money not tax payers money.Nothing wrong with keeping in with the voters, but not at my expense. Robert Ghiz has to step up to the plate this time, these outrageous costs should be paid back and real checks and balances put in place.

God Bless and keep reading

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