Wearing Deceased Veterans Medals

robbyphotoPlease don’t be alarmed the two handsome young men featured with this blog are very much alive and well. However, I’m very concerned about an obscure and very silly law listed with the Canadian Justice System. I only recently I learned of this law when a widow asked the Canadian Legion if she could wear her late husbands medals (on the right side). I was stunned to learn she would be breaking the law if she did!!!As I originally came from the UK where there is no such law I merely assumed it would be the same here. New Zealand, Australia and the UK all allow the wearing of deceased members medals on such occasions as Remembrance day etc. To have it illegal in Canada is absolutely ludicrous. why on Earth should a widow or mother son or daughter grandchild etc be denied the opportunity to honour a late veterans service to his or her country. Merely displaying them in a framed picture that hangs in the hallway (claimed by the nay sayers) is a poor excuse for not allowing the wearing of the same in public. My father served in the First World War, my brother in the Second World War and I served during the Cold War. I would feel proud if any of these medals continued to be worn to Remembrance Day ceremonies long after I`m gone. I wonder how the law would deal with me if I turned up wearing my fathers WW1medals (They are lost) on the right side. They were issued in the UK and are British War Medals, the law in England says I can wear them.  I doubt I would be thrown in jail, so lets get rid of this silly law once and for all. This is not about pretend soldiers wearing medals they have not earned, that might have been the case shortly after the Wars end in 1945 but isn`t today. No reason on Earth why a relative should not proudly honour a late veteran by wearing his or her medals. That is my view on the situation, what is yours. I’m more concerned about politicians sporting three and four medals at Remembrance Day services giving the impression they too are veterans. The medals they wear are for well fed well paid federal MP’s – for example – The Queens Gold and Diamond Jubilee, Centennial medal etc etc

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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