Checked my Calendar for the Date

peter2MacKay_0peterI really did have to check the date yesterday after listening to Peter MacKay speak. I was positive it must be the 1st of April-April Fools day. Yet if you look at his varied and intense expressions he must surely be serious. Peter MacKay is about to accomplish something the rest of the world has failed to do for thousands of years. Prime Minister Harper has surely appointed him to an all new cabinet post – “Minister of Missions Impossible”. In this new hard and extremely challenging post MacKay is rising to meet the job head on(puns intended)!!!He is going to eliminate prostitution in Canada, might take a while he says, but his brilliant approach will win the day which he intends to ram through.. Here is the plan as I understand it so far. Firstly, it will not be illegal to sell your body for sexual favour. Oh Boy! I bet that clever bit of legislation eased the minds of the thousands of working girls, they are finally operating within the law. Now the really smart part of his plan is this, wait for it, this is so clever and so smart it boggles the mind. It will be illegal for anyone to buy sexual favours, sexual service etc etc.   Wow what a brilliant concept, its okay and quite legal to sell sex but it is quite illegal to buy sex!!!Wait a minute!! I’m confused is that not very similar to how the law works now??? I’m also confused by this next part, how can a person  legally sell something that for others it is illegal to buy. Will this policy not effect the Governments GNP???? GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT. My head is spinning trying to understand the rational behind the MacKay Plan, sorry to be so dumb, can someone please explain to me how this is going to work.

God Bless and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Checked my Calendar for the Date

  1. Tony Miles says:

    It’s a law that has been made for the police to find it easier to entrap men who wish to do that sort of thing maybe. They had better be careful, they may entrap some politicians or even some of their own, don’t you think?

  2. irishroverpei says:

    can’t really believe our honourable politicians would do such a thing and of course they wouldn’t, but is there such a thing as an honourable politician???????

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