A Weekend of Trial & Tribute

lambretta stuff 005001002003004It is quite amazing how so many things can take place all in the span of one weekend. I left home on Friday morning heading to Bedford and the Saturday British Car Show in Windsor. It was a lovely day the sun was out the sky was clear and blue,a perfect day for slow an meandering drive through the hills and dales of Nova Scotia. The Wentworth Valley is fabulously lush and green at this time of year. Driving a open top car allows the driver to feel closer to nature, the wonderful smells and fragrances enhances ones body and mind. I thought how lucky I was to be alive on this special day, to have this grand little car, to feel so free to enjoy nature. I stopped at the little one lane bridge in the heart of Wentworth just to enjoy the view and take the three photos I have posted. On Saturday morning it was off to Windsor for the car show. Not as nice a drive, the highway was busy and fast only allowing time to concentrate on driving. As I neared Windsor a vibration started in one of the front wheels and I had to slowly ease the car off the highway at the first exit. It seemed to take forever to find an exit and during that time I ran all the possible causes through my mind. I really am a pessimist because I only imagined the worse, some serious issue with a front axle, maybe a tire, maybe a bearing. The day was not turning out like the pleasant Friday drive. Now I was tense, worried and probably stranded miles from home. However, all my worry was wasted, all that had happened was the left front wheel lugs and come loose. Once re-tightened I was on my way again to the show. Probably because I was still tense I miss my exit ramp and had to drive miles out of my way to get back to the right road. I finally reached the show, registered and displayed the Mini, the only Mini Cooper convertible there. I returned to Bedford to my daughter Carolin’s home where I was staying. We watched a recorded show of the Brazil-Netherlands game whilst soaking in the hot tub and sipping wine.( I had already seen it live but kept the result to myself) This might have been a pleasant end to the day, but!!! Caroline had planned a late supper of BBQ chicken. We were sitting on the deck still sipping wine when the BBQ burst into flames, and I do mean flames not just a bit of grease catching fire. The control knobs had melted and fallen off, and it was too hot to turn off the propane tank tap!!!! Mark was thankfully quick with the extinguisher and with one smart blast the fire was out. Unfortunately so was the chicken!!!! Plan B was some frozen pre cooked sausages but by the time I sat done to eat it was well past my bedtime. It was at this point that I received a lovely surprise. If you look at the fourth picture I posted you will see a painting of my 1961 Rover, I sold it last year and it is the very last antique Rover I will ever own ( have I said that before). My pretty and very talented granddaughter Melissa did the painting and what an amazing painting it is, it now hangs in a place of honour in our living room.(note the posted actual photo she use as a guide) . I was finally off to bed while listening to a wedding celebration taking place two houses down. Whether we wanted to or not we were sharing their loud music,  apparently that was until the police arrived around 1am. I missed that part, by then I was fast asleep. Sunday morning it was up early and back to PEI via the same roads that I had travelled on Friday. All in all it was a great weekend, I would have preferred doing without the loose wheel, BBQ fire and the burnt chicken, Nevertheless, all the good things vastly out numbered the bad. Still, when I finally turned into my driveway I reflected how nice it was to arrive home safely.

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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