Are We Headed for Disaster?

wes_sheridan_mediumalan_mcisaac_mediumjanice-sherryron_mackinley_mediumrobertghizA Government out of control. Should we be worried??????


Government credit card used for fast food on a regular basis, Lowest standard of Education in the country, highest taxes in the country, and no sharing of important info on deep water wells the secrets are just for Janice!!!!.
Oh Boy!!!!! Where do we begin? there are so many issues that should be covered but would take up too much space in this blog . I believe the real arrogance of this Government began on the night of the last election. I suspect many Islanders besides me noticed when Robert Ghiz chastised the people of Souris over the air waves for not re-electing Alan Campbell . He stated publicly that Mr Campbell was a great guy and would have a job the following morning in the Premiers office. He followed that up with a punishment for the people of Souris. No new school, we can’t afford it! yet he could afford to build a new school in his own district. I only remind you of these things so we might take more seriously the present direction of this Government. I’m referring to the probable removal of the moratorium on deep water wells as asked for by the potato industry. Just last night on CBC Compass (21st Jan) Janice Sherry Minister of the Environment stated she had received reports dealing with the issues concerning deep wells. The interviewer asked if she would make them public? No, she replied, they are only for me. (that was six months ago but to date we still don’t have the info). More signs of arrogance! this Minister should be reminded of who she works for and who pays her salary. The last time I checked it wasn’t the potato industry. Now I could be wrong and indeed I hope I’m but it appears the lifting of this moratorium is a done deal. We have George Webster sitting on the panel that will decide the issue. Anyone think that strange? isn’t Webster a potato farmer? Then we have two Defeated liberals working on behalf of the potato industry lobbying for the lifting of the moratorium. Does this not all seem just a little bit slanted in favour of a large industrial corporation. However, the seriousness of this dangerous issue is the fact that if it becomes a done deal we can’t go back. Its not like the other issues of plan A or plan B, or even the HST. This is about the very survival of our island, we are risking the one life sustaining and precious resource for which all life depends on. If this government goes ahead with this reckless and irresponsible action it will be too late to reverse the damage it might cause.  Without water the island would become a wasteland,  I have ask the question is this really what our Provincial Government wants to do. Are they that short sighted? what about future generations surely politicians have children or grand children.  What sort of a mess will we leave to our children? Finally, its difficult to understand why I even have to write this letter of protest. The interests of the Provincial Government should follow the same lines as the majority of Islanders. They should share our concerns and act on the promises made during their election campaigns. Remember during the election campaign when they came to our doors smiling and promising to work on our behalf. Well it is already past the time for Robert Ghiz and his Government to step up and try to regain the trust they have clearly lost.  We do not need or can the island sustain deep water wells simply because a few greedy corporations want to grow more potato’s.
God Bless and keep reading

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